Friday, February 26, 2010

jeeze Thursday and friday you tire me out

thursday ..windy day - my hair smacked the sides of my face and left a red mark. I skipped class to see handmade nation..I am very sick of octopuses - even though my fiend says my spirit animal is and octopus... handmade nation made me want to patch all the holes in the close i have and make them last forever- looking new by the repairs i've made on them... it reminded me how all the yarn ( except for my pony wool) was material that people donated to this project that is is about saving usefull things from a landfill.... this organization is a retaired ladys ream - and its interesting becaus ethe DIY stuff is so young butthere are old people embracing sustainability .. and re use.. its weird becaus ethere is a gap of that....... because my fgrandparents grew up in the great depression and they use everything ...... and keep gardens.... nothing is wasted...... fore sure... my granfather and his building a lovely simple red cabin- has offerend me so much inspiration to my work.....
then I visited with my boyfriend and his best friend visiting from New Hampshire..... he just happens to have organge hair - and that ginger things going on.... my frind sarah - who has red hair stood next to him... and all i could think of was orange... and this... seeping in for sure!.

today was a long day .. and my white yarn ... dreamed of being colored orange to hold all the other colors. that will filter in through it.

i am so tired.. i wan to be alone....let my mind rest while computer tv joins it.. the light of the computer is spooky....

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