Friday, February 26, 2010

jeeze Thursday and friday you tire me out

thursday ..windy day - my hair smacked the sides of my face and left a red mark. I skipped class to see handmade nation..I am very sick of octopuses - even though my fiend says my spirit animal is and octopus... handmade nation made me want to patch all the holes in the close i have and make them last forever- looking new by the repairs i've made on them... it reminded me how all the yarn ( except for my pony wool) was material that people donated to this project that is is about saving usefull things from a landfill.... this organization is a retaired ladys ream - and its interesting becaus ethe DIY stuff is so young butthere are old people embracing sustainability .. and re use.. its weird becaus ethere is a gap of that....... because my fgrandparents grew up in the great depression and they use everything ...... and keep gardens.... nothing is wasted...... fore sure... my granfather and his building a lovely simple red cabin- has offerend me so much inspiration to my work.....
then I visited with my boyfriend and his best friend visiting from New Hampshire..... he just happens to have organge hair - and that ginger things going on.... my frind sarah - who has red hair stood next to him... and all i could think of was orange... and this... seeping in for sure!.

today was a long day .. and my white yarn ... dreamed of being colored orange to hold all the other colors. that will filter in through it.

i am so tired.. i wan to be alone....let my mind rest while computer tv joins it.. the light of the computer is spooky....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

colors making colors

How cangreen possibly make orange... i was informed today that chrome oxide( aka green)... sometimes create orange glazes in firingings. It seems so strange for my. the oxide Yellow ochre is an iron oxide -- so i understand its potentical to be orange and red. I do not understand quite the potential for the color chrome to be orange. its so strange to be- makebe it burnes out to become orange - who knows color change is a myster when you cook them in this kiln. I am thinking of colors as emotoins - in particular orage really in this blog and the body is like a kiln - how the body filters in this colors/ emotions - to create a vibe - in paricularly talking about the color orange - this is effective - because the fire color thing - and that it has such a powerful vibe.

I feel lik ei can relate to the color orange because of this all.

my day was a day full of powerfully good extensions that turned wrong my cheeks turned red by anger of a mistake - and then i reside myself to a wishy-washy day that was out of my control in some sorts. it all felt off. how would he color orange be effected by this off thing maybe its like the green turning orange thing - and the blue making things dull.... maybe today had a green filter over it... and the orange was burning powerfully and deep when i had a idea and wanted it to work- what happened when it went wrong- did something break - did the orange turn to sort a a goofy mediocre orange this is wildly seen- was it like the nickelodeon orange?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


absence in blogging.


fades with the color blue blended into it 0 though it still says strong and bold. Right now ..... dullness sets in. Orange- in the form of a mistake- would probably turn a deeper orange more red in it - but the blue would be prsent. Orange in the form of wildly talking to a friend in a drunken flow of words - would be the bright orange that a fruit the orange would take. That same orange follows in a critique of work - though the more lighthearted orage yellow might peek in or he darker orange red might filter in.

the deep orange red - color would also be the danger of working with toxic chemical on your bare hands and it is bright green .

Yellow orange getting - something off of your chest and speaking to a loved one.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well...... the color is orange...

and all of the colors mentioned before are going o be put through the color orange- because the color orange - gives of heat and energy- the lightness of orange less energy the fire red - orange is deep and bold. This sort of relates to tensions and relaxations of each day.
- how orange is like like a sunny day..and heavy in emotion......

Thursday, February 18, 2010


another lazy day .. blue sky and a walk before 2 classes.... over all just a alright day ...

I would say .. baby blue... would be the color i would right about - and coral -
baby blue because the sky and a color that i saw today on clothing and coral because i was wearing that color... with little hens .. on a house coat top / apron thing....
this blue is like the ocean and a reef.... i talked to my mother about plane tickets for spring break to go with my family to a tropical location.... so that relates back again....... baby blue and coral will highlight this part of the cloth... and highlight reminds me of highlights magizine i would read a a child .. i learnd so much from those but my favorite part was by far the part where you find hidden images.


Well this is the Wednesday post.

This day was a lazy day i avoided the studio because of the failure to pay attention ..... the heat went out of the kiln to fast. .....went to a lecture and to class math day essentially glaze calculation- finally i came to unloading the kiln..... Nothing was cracked! this was like a green light to so many possibilities... I feel like finally i have the courage to independently fire the gass kiln.. the rest of the night i felt energized.

I guess.... the color green reflects this energizing feel... and i am so ready for grean leaves.. this snow is getting so hard...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am so tired today.
Up so late last night getting a gas kiln at the right temp rate.
..... today all i am doing is seeing the red orange glow of the gas kiln and the jagged pattern of the cones .. and how they bend as the kiln reaches temperate.

the warmth of the kiln feels good....

other wise visiting artist... she said looks like you've got the artist gene........ and things will happen sort of by default.... just as long as you keep going

wore black shirt and yellow sweater..... blah blah blah

Monday, February 15, 2010

saturday and sundays colors

saturday 13th

what color would be this day?
went to the library. The snow was still risky darts of white blue icicles hung from the top of buildings and there was also snow packed getting ready to fall down. and inside there were rich wooden tables.... walked home.. and some of the ricky snow had fallen blocking a walkway scary.
red clay again - and yellow clay building. dinner. and Ungly betty with boy - bright colors and burned outfits.... i wore many patterns... Dyed a sculpture red and brown..and watched olympics.

sunday. Work up put on all blue a the color blue then was covered in white as a mixed clay and home and watched television. ... blue eye-shadow pink lipstick.. blue dress blue sweater... walk to restaurant. blue aquarium neon fish mysterious sounds.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flashy flash

Hey Looks like i have been writing a diary not so much a color diary... one color for each day seem slightly impossible...

My weaving will most likely end up a plaid...

AND i am using pretty much all found yarn and then a wool and cotton warp..... its just got to be that way - i love the texture of wool - and how different textures intersecting in a weaving is so beautiful..

WEaving - Green
ceramics studio - yellow porcelain and red earthenware
home - Orange and pink.
olympic opening - red canada and red in most flag gold metals..
going out - red lipstick and blue eyeshade- uncomfortable pristine synthetic fibers of fake warmth.
- Brown fluffy.

I might combine these colors cut up pieces and tie them together for the weaving .... might be to busy but might be like tree bark - layering of colors.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my stomach hurts like hell tonight

I mention how i am feeling in the title of this blog post, thats all i will say about it.

Today i woke up to the sun shining through the windows . the light seemed to go everywhere and be a lighter yellow then most days. The light made me wake up my dear and he asked me a few questions and then put his yellow striped blanket over his head, I covers my light green furry blanket over me up cover that with a red plaid sheet then a red plaid blanket. he went back to sleep and i closed my eyes and had a quiet while to myself curled next to him. I looked at his fluffy reddish brown beard and his closed eyes with so many long black lashes. I got up then he got up and we had coffee and listened to NPR. then i played spider solitaire he played the guitar.

Time to go on a walk we walked in peoples deep foot prints it was like a maze we tried to wander down to never on sundays - but it was closed- all the building red open signs were tuned off so that the red was dark. Made it to Donnas so because the sign was on - ordered and ate - and talked about old friends - and GED's and a buck of things I had a warms milky brown coffee with my lunch. He had a red and white pizza. we walked in big circles through the snow and came back to the apartment - and did the same - spider solitare and guitar. Then watched the simpsons with all its yellow. I waked home mid afernoon and wasted the day away until i went to V monologs with its red and pink. Friends, computer, cancelations, then sleep.

asnowdaywasokaytodayand studiofinallyopen..

my parents are no longer visiting this weekend... another snow storm is threatening .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FEBRUARY 10 2010... Snowed in

AHHH, The snow is driving me crazy. No school an da list of things i have to do at home that involve typing or planning or research. Some days you've just got to make things. I am planning to sneak into the clay studio with my friend kate today> ceramics takes time and time feels like it is running out.

the snow has realy come at a bad time for me.... I have a student space show up .. and sadly my opening got cancled this friday ( the school thing got cancled at least)- My family is comeing from MIssouri - so i still want to have the opening....

LAst night i walked to to grocery store to get food because i ran out haha it was so bad because the grocery store closed at 6pm when i arrived it was 6 15 - had to go to 7/11 to pick up a couple of things - the only food that was there was TGI fridays appetizers and chips and ice cream - so much for healthy easting. Walking in the snow was pretty though
and my boyfriend and i got sushi and had a nice night.

Time to look up to the idea of this snow.... its pretty and quiet - and its pleasant that life is stopping because it has to stop.

white, windy, quiet, simple, wet,