Wednesday, February 24, 2010

colors making colors

How cangreen possibly make orange... i was informed today that chrome oxide( aka green)... sometimes create orange glazes in firingings. It seems so strange for my. the oxide Yellow ochre is an iron oxide -- so i understand its potentical to be orange and red. I do not understand quite the potential for the color chrome to be orange. its so strange to be- makebe it burnes out to become orange - who knows color change is a myster when you cook them in this kiln. I am thinking of colors as emotoins - in particular orage really in this blog and the body is like a kiln - how the body filters in this colors/ emotions - to create a vibe - in paricularly talking about the color orange - this is effective - because the fire color thing - and that it has such a powerful vibe.

I feel lik ei can relate to the color orange because of this all.

my day was a day full of powerfully good extensions that turned wrong my cheeks turned red by anger of a mistake - and then i reside myself to a wishy-washy day that was out of my control in some sorts. it all felt off. how would he color orange be effected by this off thing maybe its like the green turning orange thing - and the blue making things dull.... maybe today had a green filter over it... and the orange was burning powerfully and deep when i had a idea and wanted it to work- what happened when it went wrong- did something break - did the orange turn to sort a a goofy mediocre orange this is wildly seen- was it like the nickelodeon orange?

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