Monday, March 8, 2010

oh time

Its so hard to keep up blogging-

When you have time i don't blogg and now that it is 2 am and i have tons of things to do for tommorrow- i want to write. Friday i did not blog or thursday - Thursday i freaked out an broke some of my ceramic pieces on accident -didn't finish my literature homework. and skipped class.... had something to do with writing that thesis- Whenever i try to write to much about my work at once - i go a little psycho ..... Friday was like that two - I was managing 2 gas kilns at once.. and going back and fourth from weaving.... it was pretty tireing - the most tiring thing though was loosing my computer weaving stuff.... I am going to get weaving software for my mac at some point........... ... but hey sometimes things happen. i got to sit by the warm orange glow of the kilns until 10 30 at night from the ending of class.. then took down the solo show...

up so early to go to philly to see the orange hooked rug i re made for a show..... Danny and i wandered around the city and Danny kept looking for street tiles of 2001 space oddessy mystery. the sun was actually out the weekend - and it lifed some weight from my shoulders. ........ I was convinced that sat. was st. patrics day ..i kept seeing people wearing green.... my friends were confused when i suggested that we go and get a guinness for the holiday... i guess hmm march 17th .. why were so many people wearing green in philly? .....Red haired family came to visit their red haired daughter excuse me... there is a black haired daughter too.

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