Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Red red red red..
the nerves are setting in and the tears are starting to flow for no readson at all the weight is there in the color and its not a cold sadness.. it hits the nerve. even the dull green color of a 20 dollar bill being found on the ground could not move this .... now its a luke warm inderference spiked by moments of harsh pointed emotion. pointing and fading out as the line fades out. time is needed to explore... time is needed with my lovelies...

Red haired friends birthday today.. and the headache kept me away from here... the time rushed by so fast.. another red headed friend was so angry about a person talking in a aggressive way about being aggressive towards you r competition and backstabbing...

a yellow haired fiend laughed freely , and a brown haired mother ( whose favorite colors are red blue and green) ..... talked on the phone and said that it was time to take yourself out to lunch and appreciate the moment.

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